Training & Exercise Committee

The NCTF Training and Exercise Committee meets the fourth Tuesday of every month. The group consists of training and operations officers throughout the region. Roles and responsibilities include reviewing training and exercise requests and recommend approval to the Executive Board. To assess training and exercise requests for compliance and consistency with the goals and objectives of the NCTF as well as manage paperwork in accordance with the federal grant requirements. Aim to coordinate with county training officers to identify planned training at the county level with the end goal of developing a calendar to share training dates. Plan to provide a venue to share instructor information and coordinate with other NCTF committees to ensure the region’s training and exercise needs are met. Will work with committees to prioritize training and assist in the planning of exercises as directed by the Executive Board.

Projects include planning and execution the NCTF symposium.

Mission Statement

Identify, coordinate and/or develop a standardized approach to planning and conducting training and exercises for the NCTF.

Committee Members

Chair: Chris Anderson, Operations and Training Coordinator, Columbia County

Vice-Chair: Julianne Erway, Operations and Training Officer, Union County

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