Executive Board

The NCTF Executive Board meets on the fourth Thursday of the month and consists of the ten county’s Emergency Management Coordinators. They are tasked with maintaining a clear and transparent method of processing funds and prioritizing all committee and board requests quickly and efficiently. Are responsible for identifying gaps in skills and preparedness. Maintaining a systemic approach to the annual grant application and the annual threat assessment. Will maintain a strategic plan based on the threat assessment around the core capabilities and include steps for better information sharing as well as reevaluating critical infrastructure to include rural components. Provide consistent and prudent guidance to committee chairs through board liaisons. The board strives to improve on-scene incident management along with regional and operational planning efforts of all kinds. If you are interested in serving on a committee as a member of the NCTF, please contact your county Emergency Management Coordinator for information.

Mission Statement

Coordinate the activities of the regional task force, maintain relationships and partnerships for its support and sustainment, oversee good stewardship and forecast planning/management of homeland security grant program funds and disbursements, and provide guidance to committees and teams for their roles in the task force, and in support of large-scale incidents that exceed the capability of the jurisdiction with the incident.

Committee Members

Chair: Michelle Dietrich, PA-CEM, Emergency Management Director, Union County

Vice-Chair: Glenn Dunn, Emergency Management Coordinator, Potter County


  • Joseph Carpenter- Emergency Management Director, Sullivan County
  • Jennifer Long- Emergency Management Director, Columbia County
  • Ed Burkland- Emergency Management Coordinator, Montour County
  • Scott Kemmerer- Emergency Management Coordinator, Clinton County
  • Jeffrey Rosenheck- Emergency Management Coordinator, Bradford County
  • Stacey Folk- Emergency Management Coordinator, Lycoming County
  • Grant McCauley- Emergency Management Coordinator, Tioga County
  • Clint Herr-  Emergency Management Coordinator, Northumberland County
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