Combined Training & Support for Police, Fire Fighters, and EMS

Regional Emergency Response Coordination

The North Central Task Force (NCTF) takes a leadership role in regionalizing an all-hazards preparedness and resource coordination program. Through coordinated planning, training, and response, the NTCF advances the capabilities of public safety in the region to protect lives and the socioeconomic infrastructure from all hazards and acts of terrorism. There are no individual county or city projects approved. All projects are regional.

According to the US Government Accountability Office, in order to effectively respond to events such as natural disasters, criminal activities, and domestic terrorism, law enforcement and public safety agencies need reliable systems that enable communication with their counterparts in other disciplines and jurisdictions.

The NCTF plans, trains, and responds as a region, focusing on interoperable communications and incident management. Training classes, drills, regional interoperable communications plans and exercises help sharpen our skills.

What We Do

Law Enforcement

Regional Teams support local and state response including a Special Response Team (SRT) and Hostage Negotiation Team (HNT).

Grant funds are used for training, exercises, night vision and thermal equipment, protective equipment such as tactical helmets, vests, bat shields, and more.


Our TEAM is made up of 21 hospitals, over 75 EMS squads and 3 Mass Casualty Units.

Grant funds support trainings such as Rescue Task Force, drills, and exercises, and Tactical EMS equipment for teams.

Fire Rescue & HAZMAT

Responders from across the region come together to respond to technical rescue concerns which include structural collapse, swift water rescue and Hazardous Materials / Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) and decontamination.

Grant funds support training classes, drills, and exercises. Foam trailers, swift water boats and communications equipment, prime movers, specialized technical decontamination and equipment trailers, and grain bin rescue tube systems.


Communication during and immediately after a disaster situation is a vital component of response and recovery. Effective communication connects first responders, support systems, and family members with the communities and individuals immersed in the disaster.

The NCTF supports four communications units that are deployed for pre-planned as well as emergency events to keep first responders connected.

Our Mission

To foster and advance the capabilities of public safety in the region to protect lives and the socio-economic infrastructure from all hazards.

hazard preparedness training

Our Goal

Take a leadership role in regionalizing an effective all hazards preparedness and resource coordination program in accordance with current homeland security strategies and annual Threat and Hazard Identification and Risk Assessments (THIRAs).

Vital Statistics

The Regional Task Force is a model for intergovernmental and multi-jurisdictional cooperation.

  • Population: 490,719
  • Area: 7,317 Square Miles
  • Municipalities: 308
  • Fire Departments: 117
  • Police Departments: 87
  • Emergency Med Service Agencies: 61
  • Hospitals: 21


The North Central Regional Task Force has the following capabilities:

  • Dive Teams: 1
  • Explosive Detection K9 Teams: 9
  • Hazmat Teams: 7
  • Tactical (SWAT) Teams: 3
  • Type 2 Water Response Teams: 2
  • Urban Search and Rescue Teams: 2

Each county has at least one contracted HAZMAT team available.

We Invest


into planning


into our equipment and maintenance


into Training Response Rescue

flood response coordination


In October 2016, strong storms hit portions of western and central Pennsylvania bringing up to 7 inches of rain, turning roads into rivers, damaging homes in communities as far as 150 miles apart.

Flooding, flash flooding and damaging winds destroyed homes, roads, caused the closure of numerous schools, and left many citizens stranded.

Training and equipment, funded by the Homeland Security Grant Program, is a critical resource for ensuring the quick response and recovery when disaster strikes Pennsylvania’s communities.

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