Fire Rescue Hazmat Committee

The NCTF Fire Rescue Hazmat Committee meets on the second Thursday of every month. The committee’s roles and responsibilities include making recommendations to the Executive Board on needed regional policies and procedures/guidelines, establishing project proposals, and identifying gaps in skills and preparedness then recommending training and exercise priorities to the Training and Exercise Committee. Goals consist of the building and sustainment of any needed teams and resources by establishing a long-term maintenance and sustainability plan for NCTF purchased assets, as well as establishing a formal Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the specialized response teams/assets in the region and assessing the need for interregional (multi-task force) MOUs. Aim to implement interoperability standardization in the region by coordinating with appropriate committees and creating a clearinghouse for resource requests and allocations. Will work with the EMS and Law Enforcement Committees to plan, develop, and present Rescue Task Force (RTF) warm zone training throughout the region.

Current projects include grain bin tube systems for the region which a need was found after a real-life incident. As of 2022 seven tubes have been allocated with two more projected for the region. Awareness training has started, with operations training being scheduled for 2023.

Mission Statement

Build and sustain NCTF teams and assets, and support local jurisdictions with large scale incidents and special events.

Committee Leadership

Chair: Richard Knecht- Duboistown Mayor (Former Lycoming County Emergency Management Coordinator)

Vice-Chair: Patrick Cotton- Athens Borough Fire Department

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